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Jewels from OZ

About me

A grandmother from Australia..☺
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About me:
Yes it's me "Jewels or Jewelsgalor" and now there is another one "Jewels from OZ" (For YUKU Only) I had to make a new profile because the old one had the name of the first group I joined with YUKU on the end of it so I just wanted you all to know that it is still really me...☺ I have just recently retired from work so I am just loving all the extra time I get to spend on my computer and visiting the other 100 or so various online groups & forums that I am now a member of I hope you have a great day please stay safe and god bless..♥ ((Hugs~Jewels))
Favorite TV Shows:
I also love NCIS - Angel - Buffy - Medium - Judge Judy - The People's Court - Star Trek -The Dog Whisperer & Supernatual to name just a few,but who has time to watch them..LOL☺
Favorite Movies:
I am a 'Twihard' you could say that I am obsessed with it (or so my family tells me)..LOL ☺ I also love: Gone with the Wind - Troy -Gladiator & Australia.
Favorite Books:
The 4 books in the 'Twilight Saga' of course..LOL☺♥
Favorite Quotes:
'You are made kind by being kind.' 'In just two days from now tomorrow will be yesterday.' 'Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.'

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